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    Spring declares the great rejuvenation of nature from its wintry slumber. As the temperature picks up, animals and plant…[阅读全文]

    China has built an assembly line to mass produce cutting-edge super materials that can perform the previously impossible…[阅读全文]

    今年两会企业大佬们都在关注哪些方面,有哪些精彩观点,又有哪些表态值得关注?一起来看看吧!1、许家印恒大集团董事长Chinese private companies need to make more effort to help with …[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-3-15]  4.《神秘巨星》男主介绍

    继《摔跤吧!爸爸》之后,印度影星“米叔”的又一部力作《神秘巨星》在中国大火。那么,为什么他的作品每部都成了经典神作了呢?Aamir Khan in his new film Secret Superstar [Photo provided …[阅读全文]

    继口碑大片《红海行动》掀起观影热潮之后,最近又有一部超燃大片《厉害了,我的国》上映。影片生动再现了我国在过去5年间所取得的卓越成就,展现了中国新时代风貌。A high-speed train runs across the countrys…[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-3-15]  6.《红海行动》英语介绍

    超燃大片《红海行动》目前票房已突破30亿,成为今年春节档电影的一大黑马。而也正是因为这部影片的精良制作和一腔热血的爱国情怀,让其在激烈的票房竞争中一路逆袭……Recent years have seen a trend for big mi…[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-3-15]  7.2018两会英文介绍

    十三届全国人大一次会议和全国政协十三届一次会议,将分别于3月5日和3日开幕。两会不仅是我国政治生活中的大事,还与每个人的生活息息相关。The Great Hall of the People. CFPBeijing welcomed tho…[阅读全文]

    Computers Are Becoming More and More PopularMore and more people are living the life with computers.Using computers you …[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-2-22]  9.英语阅读:多彩的世界

    The Colorful WorldThe world around usisfullofcolors: the grassis green, the sky is blue.What a pity it will be if people…[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-2-22]  10.英语对话:中餐

    Dialogue: Chinese FoodW: Waitress, G: GuestW: Good afternoon, sir. We have both Chinese food and western food. Which do …[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-2-22]  11.40个英语字谜游戏

    字谜题目1. what letter is an animal?哪个字母是一个动物?2. What letter stands for the ocean?哪个字母代表海洋?3. what letter is a question?哪个字母…[阅读全文]

    Someone once told me that never underestimate anyone who doesnt lose temper.有人曾经对我说:永远不要小看一个不发脾气的人。This kind of people u…[阅读全文]

    Almost everybody thinks they are really the masters of their own lives.几乎每个人都以为自己真的拥有自己的人生。I used to think that way, too…[阅读全文]

    A persons purest charm comes from his manners.一个人最根本的魅力,来自他的修养。This kind of charm doesnt need any decoration. It comes o…[阅读全文]

    A person has two ears but only one mouth.一个人有两只耳朵,但只有一张嘴巴。Thats because we are meant to listen, not to just speak.这是因为我们…[阅读全文]

    There are two types of people in this world. The first type is like foxes. The other type is like hedgehogs.这个世界上有两种人,一种…[阅读全文]

    It is spring of 1943 during World War II.1943年的春天,正值第二次世界大战。Standing among hundreds of new soldiers at Camp Grant, in Il…[阅读全文]

    Loving yourself doesnt mean drowning yourself in all kinds of material luxury. Neither does it mean complaining about ho…[阅读全文]

    I once saw such a scene in The Shawshank Redemption :我曾在《肖申克的救赎》中看过这样一个场景:Andy was confined in a cell for a month. He sp…[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-2-11]  20.请假的各种英语表达

    话说,现在接近春节了,又到了一年工作请假的高峰期了。今天,我们就顺便来看下,英文中“请假”的各种说法,以及一些周边小常识。说到假期的英文,很多人第一反应是 holiday,但其实,英文中,假期的说法有好几个,而且内涵差很多。今天一起来学习下…[阅读全文]

    I was taught grammar by a nun who cracked small jokes throughout her lessons. I study for my exams by creating double en…[阅读全文]

    [更新:2018-2-6]  22.英语阅读:立春来了


    I have always been a strong believer that when one door closes, another one will open. Failure to some may be a step bac…[阅读全文]

    送礼物giving of gifts和收礼物receiving of presents是两件让人开心的事情,那gift和present两者有什么区别呢?gift和present是同义词,但人们更习惯说“give gifts” 和 “rece…[阅读全文]

    常见表示英国的表达有UK、Great Britain和Britain三个词,在实际使用中,用法稍有不同。 UK和US一样,UK(United Kingdom)是英国最为正式的名称。国家机构和包括联合国在内的国际组织提到英国,都会使用Unit…[阅读全文]

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